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dd & sons* Mar-Apr update

Posted on: May 15, 2009

Ok, we’re back!  Spring is here and winter is behind us thankfully.

Brief update of, err..  the last 10 weeks or so.

After the successful car/train crossing with my parents to France & Belgium in Feb, the Dawson family headed back a few weeks later for our wedding anniversary staying the night in to Ghent, Belg. then headed back via Brugge for a waffle or 3.


A week later the Parry family stayed with us for weekend, Lee & I escaped to a Wimbledon pub for the rugby whilst the  Kerryn, Bron & Kath ‘chatted’ the afternoon by.  Then had a nice trip to the Natural History Museum and lunch in the V&A Museum courtyard.



On my birthday I did a 4.5 hour round trip to see Metallica at the O2 with a mate from work.  2x words every Londoner hates more than ‘wet weekend’ is ‘rail replacement’.  Though it tooks ages, it was absolutely worth it.

April started in the garden, first veges of the year were planted.  Shay found a small lizard and about 87 worms and was intrigued, with Zac not so. Easter came with the annual backyard Easter Egg Hunt at the King’s house this year. There were small eggs scattered in the garden and also tokens with numbers on them for larger eggs – the Dawson boys didn’t miss out on them I tell you.



At the end of April we attended Miles & Evie Easterbrook’s Christening and lunch at a local cafe.  All the kids (14ish) played out the back peacefully, while we (well.. maybe not Kerryn) had the ‘odd’ ale.  The kids enjoyed a clown (not me) to entertain them.  Shay helped in one routine and Zac wondered the marvels of limbo with his hands in his pockets.  The clown moved the limbo stick  right to the ground when Zac came up to it and he wasn’t impressed – very funny!  I was in tears,  bloody hilarious.


Kerryn now has 9 working days left of the year, Shay’s gone up a swimming class 2 weekends back, Zac is just a character with anything he does and I’m thinking of the 6 weeks of full nights sleep ahead of me before D-Day!



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