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Introducing Asher

Posted on: June 18, 2009

What a weekend.

The Dawson family utilised the warm weather and sunshine very well you could say!

We attended a friends wedding on Sat morning and didn’t get home until 7pm.  Boys played in the walled garden of Grade 1 listed Great Fosters Orangery all afternoon whilst (most) parents drank champagne, played croquet and basically lazed around.

Shay Zac

The Orangary

On Sunday we went for a nice walk in the gardens of Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, taking photos and following the boys whilst they were ‘exploring’.  In the afternoon we went to Thomas Steer’s 4th birthday party, where like Sat afternoon, lazed around and drank Pimms. Great day.

Family Dawsons Pre Asher


We arrived home, bathed the boys and put them to bed (not ‘asleep’ – they chat a bit) where Kerryn then notes a soreness and uneasy feeling around 8.30pmish.  Hmm.. thought nothing of it until about 5 minutes later, “Oooh, same soreness and uneasy feeling”.

Hang on a minute..!   Someone talk to someone..

Kerryn and I decided to call our friend Catherine just in case to look after the boys.  We packed Kerryn’s bag and the boys bags (this may go on for a while) cleaned up a bit and then Catherine turned up quick smart. (thanks again – Ed)

Thankfully, the hospital is literally 5 minutes away.

“We’re gunna make it this time!”

Casually walked in, bags in hand whilst Kerryn stops every 3 minutes to second-guess why she’s doing all this again.

We sign in, whisked to a room, the midwife comes in and does the usual MOT at 10pm, then mentions that after the waters break we’re gunna have a quick baby!  Kerryn’s stoked, I’m stoked, the midwife seen it all before (but quietly stoked I reckon).


10.39pm Sun 14-Jun-09 and Asher Dempsey Dawson arrives 11 days earlier than ‘planned’, all 6 lb 9 oz of him.

Several minutes oldAsher 2

Asher 1

Kerryn stayed there overnight and at 2.30am I got home, with 7.00am quickly coming around to Shay waking me up whilst I’m sprawled on the lounge.  So I guess, let the games begin.

Then there were 3.

Dawson Boys


4 Responses to "Introducing Asher"

Hello Dawsons

Congratulations! Despite my best efforts you still managed to get in before us. Asher looks very lovely and Kerryn you look a lot better than I did at the same stage. I guess quick labours are the way forward.

We’re all settled in at home pretending we have some idea what we’re doing with this parenting thing. So far we’ve been pretty lucky, he’s not giving us any grief. Sleeps, eats, poos, you know all the good stuff.

We’ve put some pics up on Facebook if you want a nosy. I understand your boys thought they were getting a Ben, crazy. I think our little gemini boys are going to have some kind of weird bond. It’s all a bit too coincidental. Mum says spooky.

So congrats and all our love, we’ll look forward to all the boys being in the same room one day soon.

Hils and Bryan xx

Congratulations super Mum!!! Also well done Dad. I glad you made it to the hospital this time. Give Asher a big kiss from the Gray Family.

We think of the DubberDaswon family often, can’t wait to be able to meet your growing family in person one day. We love watching the boys grown up via photo’s on your website.

Hope all is well & you have alot of help & may Asher be a good sleeper for you both.

Loads of love from The Gray Family. Bill, Serene, Charlie & Hudson.

Congratulations!! Well done and how lovely to have 3 boys!

Hope you are all well (you certainly look it) and may you find the time to sleep in the next… oh stop it.

Esther abla

Just catching up with my regular blogs after a week or so out of action. Heard the news, of course – and very excited for you guys – but didn’t think you’d have had time to sit down and BLOG about it! You must have the parenting thing completely under control.

Congratulations you guys and can’t wait to meet Asher.

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