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Oasis at Wembley Stadium

Posted on: July 19, 2009


Last week a couple of friends and I took a half day off work and headed to Wembley Stadium for the rock show that is Oasis – supported by Kasabian and The Enemy.

After waiting an eternity to get a beer from the crap bar services (you’d expect more from a new stadium), we walked onto the pitch and took our place amongst the 50 thousands Mancunians!  Why would you want to be anywhere else?  In a seat?  Yeah, righto..

A swift set of The Enemy leads to Kasabian.  Was looking forward to this and they didn’t let the crowd down.  Brilliant live, if anyone gets a chance to see them they should.

Dave, Jarrod, Mark & I

Dusk settles and Mark arrives after staying late at work obviously distressed he’s missed Kasabian, so the promptly hit some more beers and then the crowd roars to the Gallagher Brothers on stage.


As per great review from  The Telegraph – “Drums thunder along in chunky beats made for bouncing up and down to. Guitars and bass fill up the middle with fuzzy power. The singing begins, as always, with the legendary Rock ’n’ Roll Star and doesn’t let up until the rafter-busting encores of Champagne Supernova and their near heavy metal assault on The Beatles’ I Am the Walrus. They have the songs. They play them. Works every time.

Musically, Oasis have retreated to a safe place of formula, fuelled by a suspicion of anything arty or adventurous. None of this matters to them or their audience. It’s loud. It’s basic. It’s unsophisticated. It is impossible to resist.

Love them or loath them, on stage they are brilliant.

Jarrod and I head for a cheeky Jacks/Jameson combo on the way home which leads us to KFC in Earls Court.

What a great day/night out, though we weren’t so perky at work the next day.


1 Response to "Oasis at Wembley Stadium"

A likely lads photo. Looks like you were all out for fun and maybe it was too long between beers. Wish we were there with you.

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