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Annual Cornwall Holiday

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Last week we drove to Cornwall to join Catherine, Dan and their three kids on their annual holiday there.  We’ve been invited every year since Shay was born (when we first met them) and it’s always great.  We drove down on Wednesday night, all three boys were good and we arrived at 11pm. At one point Shay suggested playing who can be the quietest for the longest.  Great idea I thought.  Ready, steady, go.

Zac starts singing “I am the quietest, I am the quietest, I am the quietest!

“Shall we play a different game now?

Thursday was a great summer’s day.  Weather was amazing and as soon as everyone was ready we all headed to the beach.  Zac got a new wetsuit and loved it, he felt very grown up in it.  Shay thankfully still fitted his one from the previous year.  The boys all spent the day swimming in the sea and playing in the sand.  Catherine and I looked after the wee babies and Haydn and Dan played with the boys.  Katy, Martin and their two boys arrived on Thursday afternoon so it was a fullish house (the place is massive) then.  Once all the kids were in bed, we ate dinner outside and had a glass of wine or two.

Boys frolicking

Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday but with boogie boards thrown in the mix.  Boys loved it and stayed in the water until it was too cold for them.  Similar schedule for the evening, with a lovely mexican dish made by Katy.

Big brother pulling little bro

Saturday the weather wasn’t quite as good so we went to a different beach where there were some rockpools for the kids to play in.  Had lunch on the beach but then went back to the house for the afternoon.  Haydn went for his annual surf with Dan and Martin while Catherine, Katy and I watched the clock for the kids to go to bed.

Rock pools

On Sunday we spent the morning at the beach making sandcastles and then after lunch we headed back home.  All the kids played really well together and it was a lovely few days spent down there with such great hospitality and lovely company.  However we missed the Easterbrooks and wished they could have been there too.

Baby Ash

All the boys


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