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Shay and Zac

Posted on: August 23, 2009

Recently a number of random people have commented on how similar Shay and Zac look.  I’ve even been asked a number of times in the supermarket if they’re twins. There’s 20 months age difference, it’s bizarre how people could think that.

The other night I was woken at 2am.  “Mummy I fell out of bed.”

“Are you ok Zaccy?  Are you hurt?”


“Why don’t you have anything on?”

“I was hot”

“You wait in bed next to Daddy and I’ll go and get you a new nappy.”

So off I go downstairs to get Zac a new nappy.  He’s been known to occasionally undress himself as Shay often does.  Haydn starts chatting to him asking if he’s ok, and saying Mummy will be back soon with a new nappy.

“But I don’t want a nappy Daddy”

“Yes you need a new nappy.  It’s ok Mummy will be back soon”

“But I don’t want one”

“Why don’t you want one?”

“Because I’m 4”

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That’s very funny.

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