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Recently a number of random people have commented on how similar Shay and Zac look.  I’ve even been asked a number of times in the supermarket if they’re twins. There’s 20 months age difference, it’s bizarre how people could think that.

The other night I was woken at 2am.  “Mummy I fell out of bed.”

“Are you ok Zaccy?  Are you hurt?”


“Why don’t you have anything on?”

“I was hot”

“You wait in bed next to Daddy and I’ll go and get you a new nappy.”

So off I go downstairs to get Zac a new nappy.  He’s been known to occasionally undress himself as Shay often does.  Haydn starts chatting to him asking if he’s ok, and saying Mummy will be back soon with a new nappy.

“But I don’t want a nappy Daddy”

“Yes you need a new nappy.  It’s ok Mummy will be back soon”

“But I don’t want one”

“Why don’t you want one?”

“Because I’m 4”

Last week we drove to Cornwall to join Catherine, Dan and their three kids on their annual holiday there.  We’ve been invited every year since Shay was born (when we first met them) and it’s always great.  We drove down on Wednesday night, all three boys were good and we arrived at 11pm. At one point Shay suggested playing who can be the quietest for the longest.  Great idea I thought.  Ready, steady, go.

Zac starts singing “I am the quietest, I am the quietest, I am the quietest!

“Shall we play a different game now?

Thursday was a great summer’s day.  Weather was amazing and as soon as everyone was ready we all headed to the beach.  Zac got a new wetsuit and loved it, he felt very grown up in it.  Shay thankfully still fitted his one from the previous year.  The boys all spent the day swimming in the sea and playing in the sand.  Catherine and I looked after the wee babies and Haydn and Dan played with the boys.  Katy, Martin and their two boys arrived on Thursday afternoon so it was a fullish house (the place is massive) then.  Once all the kids were in bed, we ate dinner outside and had a glass of wine or two.

Boys frolicking

Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday but with boogie boards thrown in the mix.  Boys loved it and stayed in the water until it was too cold for them.  Similar schedule for the evening, with a lovely mexican dish made by Katy.

Big brother pulling little bro

Saturday the weather wasn’t quite as good so we went to a different beach where there were some rockpools for the kids to play in.  Had lunch on the beach but then went back to the house for the afternoon.  Haydn went for his annual surf with Dan and Martin while Catherine, Katy and I watched the clock for the kids to go to bed.

Rock pools

On Sunday we spent the morning at the beach making sandcastles and then after lunch we headed back home.  All the kids played really well together and it was a lovely few days spent down there with such great hospitality and lovely company.  However we missed the Easterbrooks and wished they could have been there too.

Baby Ash

All the boys



Last week a couple of friends and I took a half day off work and headed to Wembley Stadium for the rock show that is Oasis – supported by Kasabian and The Enemy.

After waiting an eternity to get a beer from the crap bar services (you’d expect more from a new stadium), we walked onto the pitch and took our place amongst the 50 thousands Mancunians!  Why would you want to be anywhere else?  In a seat?  Yeah, righto..

A swift set of The Enemy leads to Kasabian.  Was looking forward to this and they didn’t let the crowd down.  Brilliant live, if anyone gets a chance to see them they should.

Dave, Jarrod, Mark & I

Dusk settles and Mark arrives after staying late at work obviously distressed he’s missed Kasabian, so the promptly hit some more beers and then the crowd roars to the Gallagher Brothers on stage.


As per great review from  The Telegraph – “Drums thunder along in chunky beats made for bouncing up and down to. Guitars and bass fill up the middle with fuzzy power. The singing begins, as always, with the legendary Rock ’n’ Roll Star and doesn’t let up until the rafter-busting encores of Champagne Supernova and their near heavy metal assault on The Beatles’ I Am the Walrus. They have the songs. They play them. Works every time.

Musically, Oasis have retreated to a safe place of formula, fuelled by a suspicion of anything arty or adventurous. None of this matters to them or their audience. It’s loud. It’s basic. It’s unsophisticated. It is impossible to resist.

Love them or loath them, on stage they are brilliant.

Jarrod and I head for a cheeky Jacks/Jameson combo on the way home which leads us to KFC in Earls Court.

What a great day/night out, though we weren’t so perky at work the next day.


What a weekend.

The Dawson family utilised the warm weather and sunshine very well you could say!

We attended a friends wedding on Sat morning and didn’t get home until 7pm.  Boys played in the walled garden of Grade 1 listed Great Fosters Orangery all afternoon whilst (most) parents drank champagne, played croquet and basically lazed around.

Shay Zac

The Orangary

On Sunday we went for a nice walk in the gardens of Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, taking photos and following the boys whilst they were ‘exploring’.  In the afternoon we went to Thomas Steer’s 4th birthday party, where like Sat afternoon, lazed around and drank Pimms. Great day.

Family Dawsons Pre Asher


We arrived home, bathed the boys and put them to bed (not ‘asleep’ – they chat a bit) where Kerryn then notes a soreness and uneasy feeling around 8.30pmish.  Hmm.. thought nothing of it until about 5 minutes later, “Oooh, same soreness and uneasy feeling”.

Hang on a minute..!   Someone talk to someone..

Kerryn and I decided to call our friend Catherine just in case to look after the boys.  We packed Kerryn’s bag and the boys bags (this may go on for a while) cleaned up a bit and then Catherine turned up quick smart. (thanks again – Ed)

Thankfully, the hospital is literally 5 minutes away.

“We’re gunna make it this time!”

Casually walked in, bags in hand whilst Kerryn stops every 3 minutes to second-guess why she’s doing all this again.

We sign in, whisked to a room, the midwife comes in and does the usual MOT at 10pm, then mentions that after the waters break we’re gunna have a quick baby!  Kerryn’s stoked, I’m stoked, the midwife seen it all before (but quietly stoked I reckon).


10.39pm Sun 14-Jun-09 and Asher Dempsey Dawson arrives 11 days earlier than ‘planned’, all 6 lb 9 oz of him.

Several minutes oldAsher 2

Asher 1

Kerryn stayed there overnight and at 2.30am I got home, with 7.00am quickly coming around to Shay waking me up whilst I’m sprawled on the lounge.  So I guess, let the games begin.

Then there were 3.

Dawson Boys


Ok, we’re back!  Spring is here and winter is behind us thankfully.

Brief update of, err..  the last 10 weeks or so.

After the successful car/train crossing with my parents to France & Belgium in Feb, the Dawson family headed back a few weeks later for our wedding anniversary staying the night in to Ghent, Belg. then headed back via Brugge for a waffle or 3.


A week later the Parry family stayed with us for weekend, Lee & I escaped to a Wimbledon pub for the rugby whilst the  Kerryn, Bron & Kath ‘chatted’ the afternoon by.  Then had a nice trip to the Natural History Museum and lunch in the V&A Museum courtyard.



On my birthday I did a 4.5 hour round trip to see Metallica at the O2 with a mate from work.  2x words every Londoner hates more than ‘wet weekend’ is ‘rail replacement’.  Though it tooks ages, it was absolutely worth it.

April started in the garden, first veges of the year were planted.  Shay found a small lizard and about 87 worms and was intrigued, with Zac not so. Easter came with the annual backyard Easter Egg Hunt at the King’s house this year. There were small eggs scattered in the garden and also tokens with numbers on them for larger eggs – the Dawson boys didn’t miss out on them I tell you.



At the end of April we attended Miles & Evie Easterbrook’s Christening and lunch at a local cafe.  All the kids (14ish) played out the back peacefully, while we (well.. maybe not Kerryn) had the ‘odd’ ale.  The kids enjoyed a clown (not me) to entertain them.  Shay helped in one routine and Zac wondered the marvels of limbo with his hands in his pockets.  The clown moved the limbo stick  right to the ground when Zac came up to it and he wasn’t impressed – very funny!  I was in tears,  bloody hilarious.


Kerryn now has 9 working days left of the year, Shay’s gone up a swimming class 2 weekends back, Zac is just a character with anything he does and I’m thinking of the 6 weeks of full nights sleep ahead of me before D-Day!



February’s been a great month for the Dawson’s with hosting my parents for a nearly 3 weeks being the highlight!

Poppy & Nana arrived on the 4th, just after the big snowfall and mainly hung out with the family and catching up after we last saw them nearly 2 years ago whilst home on our infamous 3  month trip Down Under.


I took 2 weeks leave so thankfully for me DIY with my Dad was the order of the day(s) with numerous trips to B&Q (Bunnings equiv.), the plumbing merchant and the local timber yard.  All those odd jobs around the house I’ve never had a chance to get to got done and thankfully the weather wasn’t too bad, slightly chilly at times but it is winter!  Just for something different, we tried to hire an Alfa Romeo which subsequently turned into a Vauxhall Vectra before our eyes at Europcar (it was never gunna happen) where the 3 of us then travelled to France via the Eurotunnel and then on to Brugge, Belgium for a night.  Fantastic little trip, got some cheap wine at Calais and it’s not often you get have 3 main meals in a day in 3 different countries.  Well.. especially not in Australia.


On the 8th we attended good friends ours little girl Isabella’s 1st birthday party in the City at a cool bowling alley.  Nice way to spend a Sunday and the boys absolutely loved it.  The score didn’t matter, just heaving a bowling ball down the big rack was all the fun they required.  Fair to say we’ll be doing that again with them soon enough.  Unsure if there was enough chocolate cake left at the end though which surprisingly could have fed about 100 people I reckon.

zacbowl013 zacbowl022


On Valentines Day we had Zac’s 2nd birthday party.  He had a great day with 6 or so of his friends and by the looks of our house afterwards we presume he (& Shay) had  great time.

A week later I went and saw Ray LaMontagne with me mate Billy at the Barbican.  Something different you could say to the usual rukus we manage to attend – he’s been compared to Van Morrison just to give you some idea of the genre and not the ‘Them’ Van but more the ‘jazz’ Van.  Very cool and we enjoyed it immensely.


So now it’s back to normality I suppose.  Kerryn is expanding by the day as her working days (for now) slowly come to another end.  The boys (me included) are looking forward to summer and we’re all looking forward to a quick return to the UK from Poppy & Nana – and any other relative that might wish to visit!


Boy doin their funny faces