dubberdawson & sons

We woke up this morning greeted with as much snow as an Alpine Chalet within ski season!  Most of England was and still is disrupted I think – enough that we couldn’t get into work and friends who are there now are wondering how they’ll get home with more snow forecasted this evening.

Amazing stuff, I’ve never seen it like this here in the UK and the boys think it’s absolutely brilliant.  Like most kids (myself included) they couldn’t wait to get out in it and play.  With the aid of Kerryn, they made a nice snowman complete with an Aussie cork hat, gloves and a scarf.

Aussie snowman

I then towed them up and down the street on the back of my snowboard, thankful I can get use out of it.  Was worried it’d miss another season!


Let’s hope it now stops enough for my parents to land from Perth on Wed (where it was 38d today).

To say they’re in for a shock would be an understatement – I’m thinking the scene from ‘Cool Runnings’!


Christmas with a 3.5 yo & a nearly 2 year old makes you laugh.

On Xmas Eve we put out the customary biscuits & fruit pie for Santa with some water for Rudolf, and wouldn’t you know it .. when everyone woke up Xmas morning and came down stairs, all the food was eaten!  It was amazing AND he left ‘tonnes’ of presents!  Brilliant!

Santa and Rudolphs feed

It was our first Christmas in our new home.  As expected, everyone loved it.  Toys for all and of course, socks for all!

What fun

In the afternoon the Dawsons were guests to the Easterbrooks who rose to the occasion and put on a spread fit for a king (and all his staff).  Wonderful feed with a quiet champers and a couple of ales, we played with all the kids and then put them to bed around 7.30 where the grown-ups had some more champers and a lovely port to finish the evening.

Christine at the helm

Great day (as Xmas always is).


Zone Defence

– noun Sports

: a method of team defence where each player parent is responsible for defending a specified portion of the playing area and the opponents kids within that area.

* * * * *

In case you haven’t caught on, yes, Club Dawson is expanding..  we’re expecting Number 3!

Kerryn had her 12 week scan last week and after a couple of low risk blood tests later, word is now out.

Yay us!


Last week Kerryn & I had a kid free night out (yippee!) to see Coldplay in concert at the new(ish) O2.

Great gig, always entertaining and a good catalogue of tunes to sing to.

Thanks to Kath for the babysitting duties!

Coldplay 1

Coldplay 2


Shay was in his nursery’s Nativity play today, playing the very challenging role of ‘Joseph’.

Being able to sing with 12 other kids were his only requirements, all very easy and they put on a great performance.

Shay 1

sHAY 2H.

Been a while since we’ve written anything.  I don’t like to complain because I know essentially I have my health, a nice family and a pretty good life and there are a gubillion people worse off than me.  But for a while there, I wasn’t having a great deal of luck.  A colleague of mine calls me Kirin (or something similar) which means sunshine and she asked me if my luck had changed as it’s a lucky Hindu name.  I guess it has really, I replied.  My pay was cut by 10% (all temps at UBS had the same cut apparently), the value of my house has plummeted, I’ve had a really bad cough for 3 weeks that I couldn’t get rid of, I reversed into a concrete pillar and smashed the back of the car, the weather has been depressingly crappy, I lost my favourite ring and Stew the rabbit died.

However, since then, I’m feeling lots better, I’m thankful I still have a job at the moment, the boot of the car still opens and closes, the guinea pigs (Jean and Paul) are doing fine and it snowed today (which kind of makes freezing cold temps worth while – almost).  We had a lovely evening with the ante-natal group at Lou’s annual fireworks evening and this Wednesday I’m out with the girls for our monthly night out. And Greg is coming around next Sunday too so that will be a nice catch up.

Shay and Zac are doing well.  Shay’s swimming lessons are going well and Zac loves the pool too.  Zac’s talking is almost too good (‘I don’t want to’ is his latest phrase and kind of annoying).  Shay’s class at nursery is doing a Christmas play and Shay might be Joseph.  Even if he isn’t, the ‘maybe’ is a lot further in drama than I ever got.  He sees his friends from our ante-natal group in the weekends and really enjoys playing with them.


New toy hitting the shelves soon.  Just don’t come within 50 feet.. oh yeah.